-be there or be square

Flockflow is a virtual space for sharing an IRL event.

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Conferences and events

Flockflow can be used in any situation where a closed community is formed for a specific time and place.


Participants register easy and a closed communication group is available. 

  • Communicate with participants during and after the event
  • Event registration easy and fully automated
  • Share contact information with people you meet easy
  • Dashboard for organizer
  • CMS system for organizer
  • Rich contact for participants
  • Schedule shared between participants
  • Improved logistics supported by group messages for even flow to lunch

Check-in-graph - Statistics for better flow

check in
Registration at event - Easy and fast

Clubs and bars


Visitors can join the evenings flock and chat with personel or other visitors or share pictures from the evening.

  • Easy flock forming every day
  • Bar personal contact available within flockflow
  • Media sharing with restrictions, moderated or open
  • Happy hour deals digitally distributed
  • Integrated payment-system *Future feature



Friends sharing an IRL event and need a shared virtual space for conversation, pictures and coordination. Collaborative image archive and schedule with calendar integration. 

  • Collect and share images and videos
  • Coordinate event with instant messaging to all participants
  • Collect images and text
  • Post event to social media as a package

How to use?

1. Download the Flockflow app.
2. Create your account
3. Form a flock
4. Allow others to join your flock either by scanning your screen or scanning print out QR code
5. Start socialize in your closed flock